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What a lovely play on words.  This is truly an enchanting Pilot, where I get to play a charming, magical and mischievous character, named “Divina.”  My favorite part is that I get to appear and disappear at will.  What fun!







HYBRID: Exciting opportunity to play the “Evil Empress of the Hybrids”, a sci-fi original series created and directed by Fred Copeland.  Always a challenge to discover different sides of oneself to reveal in a well written character.

ANGELS ON TAP:   Oh, how I grew in my craft, working with Ed Asner, Marion Ross, Jaime Farr, and Alan Rachins in this feature film, “Angels on Tap”, directed by Trudy Sargent.  And…playing “Lydia, The Angel of Romance” was a dream come true.

Diane Linder

I love all aspects of performing.  As a performer, we invite an audience to see the inner workings of a character … things they may not be able to express in their own lives.

The performer’s life is one of personal discovery and revelation.  Few are fortunate enough to take that journey in such depth, and we are truly blessed to do so.

My most recent projects

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REBECCA’S GAMBLE:     A compelling courtroom drama staged at Theatrecraft Playhouse, and directed by genius director, Rick Walters.  Such a thrill to learn about cryogenics, playing the lead doctor who overdoses her patient and friend and freezes his body, hoping to bring him back to life when there is a cure for his deadly disease.  Was I a Saint or Sinner?  It was up to the Jury of audience members to decide.